Silverton Hyatt Place Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Silverton Hyatt Place is a newly constructed hotel that boasts five floors and a total area of 88,252 square feet. The hotel comprises 150 rooms, an outdoor pool featuring cabanas, a fitness center, and a breakfast bar. Its location next to the Silverton Casino provides easy access to nearby restaurants, entertainment venues, and shopping districts. The hotel’s features are designed to cater to the needs of travelers seeking a comfortable, convenient, and relaxing stay in Las Vegas.



District Manager

Project Features

Size: 82,252 sf
Bldg 1: 94,500 sf
Bldg 2: 235,275 sf

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Owner: MNPH Hotels, LLC

Architect:Klai Juba Wald

Cost: $26.2 Million

Tenant Improvement: $42.1 Million