Majestic Commercenter – Building 16

Aurora, Colorado

Located in Aurora, Colorado, Building 16 stands as a remarkable 552,000 square foot build-to-suit project designed exclusively for Subaru of America. Within its walls, you’ll discover a multitude of tenant enhancements, featuring a spacious 8,400 square foot regional office space, a substantial 16,000 square foot training center, remote warehouse offices, and an expansive 36-foot clear warehouse area for product storage. It’s worth noting that this project was not only completed according to the schedule but also managed to stay on track during the challenging times of the pandemic.



District Manager

Project Features

Size: 552,000 sf

Location: Aurora, Colorado

Owner: Majestic Commercenter Building 16, LLC

Architect: Commerce Construction Co., L.P.

Cost:$31.7 Million (including TI)