Majestic Bethlehem Center – Building 4

Bethlehem, PA

Majestic Bethlehem Center Building No. 4 in Bethlehem, PA. It is a 1,041,600 square feet distribution warehouse housing the Nike Connect Facility. Tenant Improvements included 50,320 square feet of interior fit out of office space and amenities. Features include a Rain Water Management System that collects rainwater from the roof structure, filters the water, and then provides water to flush the lavatories in the main office restrooms. The Main Office tenant improvement obtained LEED Gold certification.




District Manager

Project Features

Size: : 1,041,600 sf

Location: Bethlehem, PA

Owner: Bethlehem Commerce Center, LLC

Commerce Construction Co., L.P.
Fix Architects

Cost: $44 Million

Tenant Improvement: : $22 Million