Majestic Airport Center V – Building A

Union City, Georgia

Building A at Majestic Airport Center V is an industrial warehouse that was originally designed as a multi-tenant shell building. During the construction of the building, the entire facility was leased by Amazon to serve its distribution needs within the Atlanta area. Commerce then worked with Amazon in order to align with their distribution needs, incorporating advanced logistics systems, robotics, and digital inventory management tools.

Key aspects of the construction project included customization for Amazon’s operational requirements, integration of cutting-edge technologies, optimization of logistics processes, scalability, flexibility, and sustainability initiatives.

This property was developed on an approximately 78-acre site.




District Manager

Project Features

Size: 1,150,000 sf

Location: Union City, Georgia

Owner: Majestic Airport Center V, LLC

Architect: Commerce Construction Co., L.P.

Cost: $40.2 Million
Tenant Improvement: $43.1 Million