Majestic Airport Center III, Phase 2 – Building 2

Union City, Georgia

Commerce served as the construction firm behind Amazon’s Robotic Sortation Center, catering to the Atlanta metro area. Our task was to create a facility optimized for robotics, streamlining Amazon’s sorting and distribution. The center, equipped for high-volume package handling, reflects our focus on efficiency and safety.

This project emphasized sustainable practices, such as energy-efficient designs. It marks a significant achievement, showcasing our ability to execute complex, tech-driven construction projects while prioritizing environmental responsibility. Building this facility for Amazon has affirmed our position as leaders in innovative and sustainable construction in the logistics sector.

The property was developed on an approximately 97-acre site, demonstrating our capability to manage large-scale construction projects effectively..




District Manager

Project Features

Size: 701,635 sf (including Robotic Mezzanine)

Location: Union City, Georgia

Owner: Majestic Airport Center III Phase Two Building 2, LLC

Architect: Randall Paulson Architects

Cost: $84.6 Million