Majestic 55

Phoenix, Arizona

Design-Build speculative delivery consisting of one (1) concrete tilt-up cross dock core & shell building and related on and off site improvements. This 36 ft clear building includes 7” thick slab on grade over aggregate base, hybrid roof structure with TPO roof membrane, R-38 under-side of roof-deck batt insulation with white scrim, ESFR overhead fire sprinkler system and two separate electrical services. On-site improvements included mass grading, detention basins an drywells, wet and
dry utilities and PCC pavements.



Diversified Delivery Partners/DSV Sea & Air


District Manager

Project Features

Size: 489,284 sf

Location: : Phoenix, Arizona

Owner: Majestic 55th Ave Partners, LLC

Architect: Commerce Construction Co., L.P.

Cost: $23.9 Million (shells only)