Fort Worth Stockyards – Mule Alley

Forth Worth, Texas

The Fort Worth Stockyards Mule Alley project involved the rehabilitation of two 100-year-old Horse and Mule barns located in the Stockyards area. The design process was demanding, with a focus on restoring and preserving the building facade to comply with local historical code requirements. Our team concentrated on the core and shell components of each barn to modernize them while retaining their original design.

Our goal was to revive these historic structures and create a bustling destination that caters to modern business needs. We achieved this by ensuring that the project adhered to the original charm and character of the buildings. Our project showcases the rich history and culture of the Stockyards and pays tribute to the hardworking mules and horses that once called these barns home.

Today, the Fort Worth Stockyards Mule Alley is a vibrant and inviting destination for locals and visitors. Its charming storefronts and walkways have made it one of the most popular spots in Fort Worth.

District Manager

Project Features

Size: 117,889 sf
West Barns: 85,095 sf
East Barns: 92,794 sf

Location: Forth Worth, TX

Owner: Fort Worth Heritage MB, LLC

Architect: Bennett Benner Partners

Cost:$40.1 Million