Beltway Business Park – Buildings 11 and 12

Las Vegas, Nevada

The construction project involves two buildings – Building 11 and Building 12. Building 11 is a single-tenant building with a total area of 94,500 SF.  Building 12 is a larger building with four tenants occupying its 235,275 SF. The project could involve various stages, such as designing, procurement, construction, and finishing. Throughout these stages, different professionals and contractors may be involved in bringing the project to completion. This construction project will provide commercial space for multiple tenants, meeting their varying needs and ultimately contributing to the growth of the local economy.




District Manager

Project Features

Size: 329,775 sf
Bldg 11: 94,500 sf
Bldg 12: 235,275 sf

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Owner: Beltway Business Park Warehouse No. 9 LLC

Architect: Commerce Construction Co., L.P.

Cost: $25.1 Million (Building and TI)