Fort Worth, Texas

Since entering the Dallas/Fort Worth market in 1999, Commerce Construction has built over 7 million square feet of premiere warehouse and distribution facilities between five local parks, including the construction of the region’s first 1-million-square-foot property completed in 2008.

With growth in the marketplace, Commerce has continued with various developments across the region, including Hotel Drover, and several 1 Million SF+ Industrial projects in the region.

Dallas/Fort Worth Assets Include:

Majestic Airport Center – DFW (3,540,000 SF over 9 buildings)
Fort Worth Stockyards (Hotel Drover, Mule Alley, Stockyards Station, and more)
Majestic Park West (290,000 SF over 2 buildings)
PointSouth Logistics & Commerce Centre – One 249,000 SF building and one 1,014,000 SF Building
Majestic Fort Worth South (320 Acre Master-Planned Industrial Park, 1.2 Million SF Existing)
Majestic Silver Creek Business Park (520 Acre Master-Planned Industrial Park, 1.1 Million SF Existing with 6.5 Million SF at Full Build Out)

Office Information

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Fort Worth, Texas 76164
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