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Majestic Bethlehem Center Bldg.2 Bethlehem, PA


Building 2 was another build-to-suit project for Walmart eCommerce.  The product is a 1,194,800 sf single story structure with state-of-the-art construction and material handling systems.  The overall project was designed by Commerce Construction and Commerce Architecture while construction was underway.  The floors for this project are considered “Super Flat” floors.  The very nature of the Material Handling systems installed in the building required precise floor placement and finish.  There are 14 robotic material handles operating in 2 2,000,000 sf racking systems moving approximately 200,000 sku’s per day.  There is a 4 story manual picking module of approximately 150,000 sf per floor containing over 500,000 sku’s.  The building houses over two miles of conveyor systems and is equipped to move over 300,000 sku’s per day in full operation.

The final design of this project was the catalyst leading to the construction and delivery of 5 additional projects located throughout the United States.  1 in Atlanta GA, 2 in Chino CA, and 2 in Orlando FL.

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Bethlehem, PA

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Majestic Realty Co.

Commerce Construction Co., L.P.

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